My Sunday Night Beauty Routine

Sundays are my favourite night of the week. Sure, Fridays are also up there (first I do yin and then I do gin, the perfect combo!), but Sundays are for cooking up some good food, doing meal prep, blogging and relaxing so that I’m ready to slide into Monday. Just before bed I like to spend some time on my skin, giving it the TLC that I don’t always have time for mid-week. And since I discovered Kiehl’s, my skin looks forward to Sunday nights more than I do!  View Full Post

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A trip to Kiehl’s

I don’t know about you guys, but winter wreaks havoc with my skin. It seems to make the dry bits super sensitive and the oily bits super shiny…neither of which are my ideal beauty look for the new season. Luckily, Kiehl’s got in touch to see if I wanted to come and visit them in their new space in John Lewis Cribbs Causeway for a skin consultation – I was sat at their marble countertop before you could say the word ‘moisturiser’.

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