Top Summer Workouts

Top Summer Workouts

I’ll admit it, I’ve been in a bit of an exercise rut this summer. Actually, that’s not true – I started the summer on a high, hitting some weightlifting goals and keeping my running speed up. But a hot day where I pushed myself too hard in half-marathon training gave me a knee injury that has put me off going heavy or fast, pretty much wiping out my usual exercise routine. After a couple of weeks feeling sorry for myself, I decided that I could still do yoga (SO much yoga) and I could head to MoveGB and see what else was out there to satisfy my exercise cravings.

Hot HIIT at Pacific Yoga

Wale is my ashtanga yoga teacher and he is always talking about his Hot HIIT class. I gave it a go and man, did I sweat! It’s held in one of the hot yoga classrooms, so it’s actually almost like putting sweat on top of sweat. But it’s a great workout, you feel like you’ve really pushed hard and if you shut your eyes you can kind of imagine that you’re just working out in a really hot country. Plus, once you’ve recovered, you can refuel in their gorgeous Cafe Matariki and cool down in their suntrap overlooking the river.

Paddleboarding at SUP Bristol

Ever since I first saw people paddleboarding around the harbour on my first summer in Bristol, I’ve been meaning to get on board (literally). This summer I finally took the plunge (not literally, luckily!) and did my intro course. I actually ended up doing it through a workshop with Trika Yoga (whose usual classes are also on MoveGB!) which was combined with a yoga session at the end. Initially I found it quite tough to actually get up on my board, but after a while it came a bit more naturally to me and I even dared to try some balances in the yoga session. Now that I’ve got the intro under my belt, I can just book in for a quick paddle around the harbour on any of their weekly sessions, which is just perfect for sunny days.

Kettlercise at NDM Coaching

I’ve played around with a kettlebell a few times at the gym, but beyond a few swings that didn’t feel like they achieved very much, I’d kind of left them alone. That was, until I found a class just down the road from me and decided to give it a go. Nick the instructor was super-helpful with good form tips and demonstrations of the moved – no matter what level you are, you can get involved and have a great workout. And I’ve definitely discovered some new moves that I can take back with me when I’m ready to hit the gym again. Added bonus: when the weather’s nice, the workout can be taken to the field outside, making the most of the glorious weather we (haven’t) been having. I’m holding out hope for September!

I know you guys probably know this already from my previous posts, but I love MoveGB and even more so after my experience over the past few weeks. Without the freedom of citywide access this summer, I almost certainly would have let my fear of injury put me off exercising for weeks, leaving myself feeling lethargic and out of the game. Instead I still feel fit and healthy, and my knee is feeling so much stronger. Plus, I feel super-smug for finding some more summer-appropriate activities, to look back on fondly as the weather gets colder.

MoveGB are also holding some exciting events to round off the summer which I can’t wait for – they will be ideal for finding out what MoveGB is all about, plus you get to try taster sessions of some of the classes for free (I hear Nick and his kettlebells will be there!). Head to The Galleries on 26th August to get moving and try something new – you can sign up and find out all about it here.


Disclaimer: MoveGB got in touch to ask if I’d like to write a blogpost in exchange for free class passes. I was already planning a post about losing your fitness mojo and I genuinely do love MoveGB and the flexibility the service offers to me – I hope you guys can see that 🙂