Crown and Glory

This summer I’m so excited to be heading to a yoga festival! It’s been a while since my Reading days so I’ve been working hard on updating my festival wardrobe, ready for three lovely days of yoga, gin and glitter. Luckily for me, last weekend Crown and Glory came to Bristol with their pop-up stall and invited us down to have a go at designing our own flower headpieces.

Tucked neatly next to the escalator in House of Fraser, the stall was a thing of wonder – candy stripes, jars full of flowers and a lovely little table of yummy treats. Prosecco and macaroon in hand, we were all eager to start picking out our flower arrangements for our headbands or fascinators.

I decided to go for a headband (more robust for downward dogs and handstands I reckon) and I thought that a good mix of colours would be good, so that it would coordinate with whatever I’m wearing. I grabbed a scoop and a little purple striped pot and started picking out my fave flowers. I was a bit worried that my colours wouldn’t work or maybe I’d picked too many big flowers, but Sophie and Gareth then take a look at your picks and do a little bit of adjusting to make sure that they all coordinate perfectly.

Once I was done trying to decide whether or not I needed to add hummingbird, I handed my selection over to Sophie and she worked her magic on it. Once she’d laid it all out, I got to take a look and see if I wanted to change anything, but I absolutely loved how it was looking! Then she set about weaving it on to a headband, along with some greenery, while we all chatted and nibbled on chocolate treats.

A little while later I was presented with my finished hairband and I was absolutely thrilled. I loved the colours and the balance across the hairband – I’d gone for one side slightly bigger than the other (I love a bit of asymmetry!). At this point I could still have made changes if I was looking for something specific, but my one was perfect for what I want it for, so I donned it and starting taking pictures in their gorgeous flower border mirror.

We had a truly lovely time designing our headpieces and Sophie and Gareth are such lovely chatty people. It was fab to go as a group and see what everyone else was picking out – from single shade colour schemes to an awesome black and leafy green combo, the stall had options to suit all tastes and everyone looked amazing in their finished designs. Crown and Glory are heading to House of Fraser Oxford Street with their pop-up this weekend, so head on down and get yourself some floral style ready for summer if you’re in town!