Springtime at The Stable

Springtime at The Stable

Is there anything better than a slice or two (or ten) of delicious sourdough pizza washed down by some proper West Country cider? I can guarantee that there is just one thing – indulging in a cider tasting and The Stable‘s brand new Spring menu on a warm(ish) April evening.

The Stable has long been my favourite harbourside hangout, so when their new menu came a’callin, we hotfooted it down to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t think that you could improve on their pizza and cider offering, but I could see straight away that I was wrong – since we’d last been in, the restaurant had expanded a little (even more space for me and my pizza food baby, yay!), and the menu had even more West Country-themed delights to peruse.

We started things off with some cider (of course), trying  four of the at least fifty options on offer. This is the main reason that I absolutely love The Stable – I’m a bit of a cider fiend, and I love trying something new, so there’s always something for me to discover. This time, on the advice of Olivia behind the bar, we went for four very different tastes – a sweet Sweet Maiden, a proper cidery Copse House, a fruity mix of Sundown apricot cider with a classic draught cider and a Rapscallion, which is one of The Stable’s brand new master blends. Jon and I have quite different palettes with cider, so we actually ended up having two apiece, though we did both enjoy the Rapscallion and the Sundown.

Then it was time for the food, and boy, did we feast. We both went for one of the new pizzas, me The ‘Nduja Like It and Jon The Lamb Roast, as well as some cheesy garlic bread. My pizza was the perfect balance of spice and flavour (although I added extra chills and chilli oil, natch) and a really good addition to their more classic topping options. Jon’s was such a great mix of ingredients that you are less likely to see on a pizza, including roast potatoes, but it all worked really well together – I made sure to steal a couple of slices, just to be sure. I also loved that some of our previous menu faves had been given a seasonal update, including more ingredients from some of our lovely local suppliers. And if you don’t love pizza as much as we do, the new menu had some amazing-looking salad options, as well as a bigger pie selection than ever, which I have on good authority are also totally delicious.

After our main course, I never thought I’d need to eat again, but I somehow managed to find a little space for dessert. And I’m glad I did – it went on to be my highlight of the night. We were treated to a cheeseboard featuring some of the South West’s finest offerings, as well as crackers, chutney and grapes, which was incredible value at just £8.50.

But my fave part of the meal – which I’m still dreaming about over a week later – was the Nutella pizza pudding. Chocolate, hazelnuts and mascarpone all on top of a soft, warm dough? Heaven on a plate. I can’t even pretend that I was at all ladylike once it hit the table – after just a few bites, I’d already thrown Jon a token slice and declared the rest of it as mine. There was also some incredible-sounding cider sorbet on the menu that I’m definitely going to be heading back in for…if I can manage to drag myself away from ordering more Nutella pizzas. And yes, I do mean plural.

The Stable was already my summertime staple, but their new seasonal selection has proved that they can keep it fresh, which will surely keep us cider-loving Bristolians coming back for more. It’s the perfect spot for everything from lazy sunny afternoon drinking to balmy evening feasting, and it’ll be my first port of call when friends visit all summer long. And not just for the Nutella, honest.