My Sunday Night Beauty Routine

My Sunday Night Beauty Routine

Sundays are my favourite night of the week. Sure, Fridays are also up there (first I do yin and then I do gin, the perfect combo!), but Sundays are for cooking up some good food, doing meal prep, blogging and relaxing so that I’m ready to slide into Monday. Just before bed I like to spend some time on my skin, giving it the TLC that I don’t always have time for mid-week. And since I discovered Kiehl’s, my skin looks forward to Sunday nights more than I do! 

After my trip to the new Kiehl’s counter in John Lewis Cribbs Causeway, I came away with some goodies to add in to my routine. I’ve been using them for a few weeks now, so I wanted to share them with you along with my experience with them.

Once I’ve cleansed and toned my face, I kick off moisturisation with the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. Now, I can’t lie – it was definitely the avocado that first drew me to this product. I mean, us millennials just can’t get enough of avocado, right? I love it in a salad, I love it in a smoothie, so I felt certain that I would love putting it on my face. But vegetable buzzwords aside, I’d also heard really good things about this eye treatment so I was keen to see if it lived up to expectations.

I’ve tried quite a few eye creams in my time, but if I’m entirely honest, I’ve never really felt that they did anything especially noticeable, or at least something that my regular moisturiser couldn’t do. I totally get the theory behind it and I understand that the eye area is super-sensitive, and so needs a bit of extra special care, but I guess I personally hadn’t seen evidence of it in practice. But with the avocado eye treatment, things are different. I really notice if I’ve forgotten to put it on and my eye area feels super soft and looks brighter after just a few weeks of using it. I’m so addicted that this one doesn’t just have a spot in my evening routine – I use it every morning as well, setting up a good base before I put on my makeup. Plus, I just can’t get enough of that creamy green shade and the rich texture!

After that I move on to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Again, I’d been desperate to try this out after hearing lots of good word of mouth about its natural ingredients and magical overnight effects. I’m a big fan of serums that really feel like they’re doing a lot of work for you – forget instantly absorbed, I want something that will take its time soaking into my skin and imparting its moisturising goodness.

This formula does exactly that – just a few drops patted onto skin feel like they go a long way and once you’ve applied it, it feels as though your whole face is getting the nourishing effects. And that’s just the initial feeling – after a night’s sleep, I literally wake up feeling like those fresh-faced, glowing beauties in TV adverts. What I also love about this product is the smell – with lavender and evening primrose oil, its scent is super calming and relaxing. I’ve also heard that it’s a dream to add to bathwater for a stress-busting soak!

Finally I apply the Ultra Facial Cream. Although not specifically a night cream, it has 24-hour moisturising properties, so I figured it would be perfect to finish off my routine. I actually also plumped for it due to its skin-saving properties when faced with harsh weather conditions – it was used by the first ever explorers to ascend the peaks of Greenland, so I was sure it could handle my skin and its cold-weather woes.

I really like how it goes on – the texture is thick and creamy, which, as I mentioned with the serum, makes me feel as though I’m giving my skin all the moisturisation it needs. A little also goes a long way, especially when layered over the Midnight Concentrate, as they blend into one lovely layer of goodness on your face. I’ve definitely noticed that my skin feels more moisturised throughout the day after using this the night before, which is a big plus for me, as I used to start getting a bit flaky by about 4pm.

All in all, I absolutely love the three Kiehl’s products that I’ve tried so far, and I’ll definitely be rebuying them in the future (if they ever actually run out, their price per use is so so cheap!). They’re the perfect way of pampering my skin, whether that’s during my Sunday night chill or for a midweek mood-booster. As we head into the summer months I might switch things up for something lighter – I’ve got my eye on their Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream for some summertime radiance!