The Burger Joint

The Burger Joint

I think it was my second year of uni when I first discovered The Burger Joint. Their burgers were the best way to start the night and man, I still have dreams about their sweet potato fries! So when I had the chance to pop in and try their new menu earlier this month, I basically ran all the way up Park Street as fast as my legs could take me.

The Whiteladies Road Burger Joint is definitely my favourite venue by far – it’s always got such a fun, busy vibe and I love that the meat has literally just travelled across the road from Ruby & White. The booths and awesome vintage photos and artwork give it a fun, retro feel which pairs with the menu perfectly.

After Reice showed us round to our seats (just close enough to the kitchen to smell some of the mouth-watering options on the menu, which made choosing what we were having just that bit better) we received our order pads and pencils. This is the newest addition to the food offering and I couldn’t have loved it more. I hate feeling pigeon-holed by menu choices – it seems like you never get to have quite the combo you’re after – so I had a great time picking out every aspect of my meal. I think we’d ticked everything off on the list in about 30 seconds, because both Jon and I always know exactly what we want to eat at any given time, but we did see later that there were helpful combo suggestions, in case you’re not quite sure what you’re jonesing for. I also ordered a boozy milkshake, because I live for boozy milkshakes.

The food came and we dived on in. I’d gone for the venison wild boar burger with smoked cheddar, smoked streaky bacon, and jalapeños, along with french fries (I was desperate to try the parmesan & truffle fries, but sadly they were just too darn popular and we’d just missed the last batch), super chilli sauce and garlic mayo. I was also super-impressed that there was a gluten free bun option – usually I just go bunless to avoid the wheat so it was nice to have the chance to get my bread on.

The burger was really good, and made even better by the fact that it literally was exactly what I wanted. It was refreshing to have something other than beef and the flavours were really on point, plus my chocolate, peanut butter and bourbon milkshake was everything I hoped it would be. We also had to try the reincarnation of the sweet potato fries, now supersize chunky chips – even though the menu has been updated, we were pleased to see that our faves were still there and that they were still delicious.

Overall, we had a great time at the new and improved Burger Joint, and if the weeknight crowds were anything to go by, we weren’t the only ones. It can be hard to improve on something that is already good, but by george, I think they’ve done it! I’m definitely going to be heading back soon to try out some different topping combos, and get my hands on those parmesan and truffle fries – I’ve heard seriously good things.