My Move GB Bristol Fit Guide

My Move GB Bristol Fit Guide

Following on from last week’s post, I wanted to do a quick round-up of my fave activities that I do using Move GB. Now, I’ve had lots of fun trying lots of different things over the past couple of years, but these are my tippety top recommendations, and also how I’m currently spending my workout week.

Kate Kieran Yoga at Breathe Bristol

Breathe was one of the first yoga studios I ventured to on Move GB, and it’s really stuck! I started doing lunchtime classes at its St Nick’s Market location, then when they moved over by Christmas Steps, I started doing morning classes with Kate before work. It’s a great space, full of lovely things that make me feel instantly calm when I arrive, as well as some amazing teas!

I literally am in love with Kate’s classes – they’re the perfect mix of ‘it’s super-early so let’s take things slowly and have a proper wake-up stretch’ and ‘you’re a strong yogi who can smash out a crow and a headstand before breakfast’. She got me from barely being able to balance upright to doing my first unsupported headstand within a few weeks, plus she always shares a good dose of yoga pose theory, which definitely helps my head to make my body do them correctly.


Gym at Vivo Sports Club

Jon has played table tennis at Vivo for a long time now, so it’s been on my radar for a while, but it wasn’t until I actually ventured upstairs into the gym that I realised how awesome the facilities are. Back in January I found myself really unmotivated to go to my previous gym as it was quite small and didn’t have all the equipment I needed, so I embarked on a mission to find a new place to work out. After trying few other options on Move GB, none of which really suited me, I tried Vivo and I haven’t looked back since.

They’ve recently had a huge refurbishment, so they have a really comprehensive set of equipment, as well as plenty of squat racks (I hate feeling under pressure to get sets done when you have to work in with someone!). I also love their cardio room, which has big glass windows overlooking the river – a lovely view definitely helps when you’re trying to smash out a 5k. Plus, when you’re done sweating it out, you can head downstairs for one of their delicious smoothies.


Bouldering at Bloc Climbing

I started bouldering about four years ago and while it’s not something I do every week now, I love to fit it in whenever I can. I tend to do a lot of my workouts on my own, so climbing for me feels like a real treat – we like to grab a couple of friends and head on down for an evening session full of chats in-between climbs. I’m far from being a good climber (a fear of heights does get in the way a bit!) but for me it feels like a lovely way to get a bit of a workout in, without too much effort or needing to think about sets or reps. Plus I’m a big believer in challenging yourself – the adrenaline rush I get from pushing myself to make a jump or climb the higher walls is enough to keep me buzzing all night.