The Burger Joint

I think it was my second year of uni when I first discovered The Burger Joint. Their burgers were the best way to start the night and man, I still have dreams about their sweet potato fries! So when I had the chance to pop in and try their new menu earlier this month, I basically ran all the way up Park Street as fast as my legs could take me. View Full Post

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A trip to Kiehl’s

I don’t know about you guys, but winter wreaks havoc with my skin. It seems to make the dry bits super sensitive and the oily bits super shiny…neither of which are my ideal beauty look for the new season. Luckily, Kiehl’s got in touch to see if I wanted to come and visit them in their new space in John Lewis Cribbs Causeway for a skin consultation – I was sat at their marble countertop before you could say the word ‘moisturiser’.

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My Move GB Bristol Fit Guide

Following on from last week’s post, I wanted to do a quick round-up of my fave activities that I do using Move GB. Now, I’ve had lots of fun trying lots of different things over the past couple of years, but these are my tippety top recommendations, and also how I’m currently spending my workout week. View Full Post

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