My Move GB Experience

My Move GB Experience

A couple of years ago, a friend started talking about this great new thing called Move GB. He reckoned  he was paying the same amount of money a month as he would on a gym membership, but that he could do activities across the city. I was loving my gym membership back then, doing a couple of classes a week to make it economical, but when he asked if we wanted to give it a go on a free friend trial, I thought it might be worth trying it out. And boy, am I glad I did!

The idea is simple: pay a monthly fee and get access to basically any fitness activity that you might fancy doing, pretty much anywhere that you might like to do it. And I really do mean any fitness activity – I’ve just started a handstand class and am mulling over the idea of doing horseback yoga… if I can get over my fear of falling off. There are three different levels of payment according to how much you move in a week, from pay-as-you-go, where you get a big reduction off the price of any classes you do, right up to super active, where almost everything is included. I started off on the middle level, just to see how I got on, but this is now my second year of having a super active passport and I love it.

If I’m entirely honest, Move GB has changed my life. It’s easy to find excuses to miss classes or not go to the gym – I used to be full of them. From ‘I worked late so I’ll never make it to the start of the class now’ to ‘I can’t go and do weights at that gym because it’s always too busy’, I tried every one in the book. But with Move GB, there was no reason for me not to go – if you miss your usual class, you’ll find a similar one an hour later down the road. If your gym is busy at your usual time, you can try another gym nearby, with no sign-up fees or hassle. And if you get bored, there’s always something new to go to. The best part is, although they’re based down the road in Bath, it’s a nationwide service, so if you’re heading off for work or for blogging events you can still stick to your routine.

Without all of the excuses, I found it easier to commit time to my health, and after a few months I realised how much I loved feeling fit and active. This year I’ve lost over two stone and achieved all kinds of different fitness goals that I thought just weren’t possible for my body – and all without having to break the bank!

You can eye up all the things on offer and the different payment levels over their website here, but I’ll also be doing a rundown of my favourite activities, so watch this space if you’re after a bit more inspiration.

Disclaimer: Move GB got in touch to ask if I’d like to write a blogpost in exchange for some free class passes, but I was already planning a post about them! I hope you can see from this how much I genuinely love the idea behind it and I would truly recommend it to anyone.