My Move GB Experience

A couple of years ago, a friend started talking about this great new thing called Move GB. He reckoned  he was paying the same amount of money a month as he would on a gym membership, but that he could do activities across the city. I was loving my gym membership back then, doing a couple of classes a week to make it economical, but when he asked if we wanted to give it a go on a free friend trial, I thought it might be worth trying it out. And boy, am I glad I did!

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Be At One: Cocktail Masterclass

January is finally over – it’s felt like quite a long’un, hasn’t it? What with skiing and LFWM I knew that I could never commit to Dry January, but I know plenty of you guys did, so I saved this post to give you a great way to kick off a new month of boozing. Just before Christmas, the lovely folk at Be At One on the Triangle invited us to try out one of their cocktail masterclasses. If you didn’t know, I’m very partial to a cocktail masterclass (Harvey Nichols definitely need to get me some kind of loyalty card), so I signed Jon and I straight up to broaden our experience. View Full Post

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