London Fashion Week Men’s AW17

London Fashion Week Men’s AW17

People say that January is the most depressing time of the year. But for me, as soon as that clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, I know that men’s fashion week is right around the corner. This year it’s back with a brand new name, evolving from LC:M to LFWM. I do get it, I can see that it makes more sense and aligns it better with womenswear, but I cannot for the life of me type it correctly first time!

As ever with men’s fashion week, I’m just doing the one day. Taking holiday to cover the entirety of four fashion weeks a year eats into my allowance just a little too much, plus hauling all my goodies from Bristol to London is no easy feat, so I prefer to jam it all into one day for the men’s shows. And, as I discovered last year, plenty can happen in just one day.

So far I’m down to cover a couple of shows – the Lou Dalton presentation and the Casely-Hayford catwalk show. Both should be pretty darn good – Lou Dalton always comes up with the most amazing winter wear and shows in the BFC show space are always electric. Plus, they always attract the best of the beautiful people! Although sadly my BFF (and the person most likely to take out a restraining order against me) David Gandy won’t be there this year, the likes of Oliver Cheshire and Tiny Tempah are usual suspects to run into drinking a beer after the show.

I haven’t totally sussed out my outfit yet, waiting to see what the weather has in store, but I’m just coming back from a dire cold so I’m thinking cosy. I nabbed myself a chunky midi dress on Boxing Day that I’m yet to wear, so I think that Saturday might be its debut, along with some trainers (of course, there’s too much running around for anything else) and a big ol’ bag.

Check back at the weekend to see my roundups, plus you can get all of the action live over on my Instagram!