LFWM: Casely-Hayford

Everyone loves a bit of a fashion party, so 180 The Strand was the place to be seen on Saturday night as Casely-Hayford celebrated creative director Joe’s thirty years in the industry with their AW17 show. Promising highlights from the last three decades of the JCH collection, we couldn’t wait to see how our favourite trends would be reimagined on the catwalk. View Full Post

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LFWM: Lou Dalton

Entering into the minimalist aesthetic of the foyer of St James’ Market and being whisked up in a lift to the rooftops of London for Lou Dalton’s AW17 presentation was a fashion week first for me. In my experience, fashion seems to favour street level; industrial carparks, sultry underground dancefloors or tiny tucked-away rooms, where everyone clamours to see the scene. As the lift doors opened, revealing another bare, brand-spanking new space, only a disco beat indicated that there was an event happening somewhere in the building. But of course, as I followed the sound of the eighties soundtrack around two corners of the open-plan floor, I remembered that Lou Dalton needs no dramatics – her clothes do all the talking. View Full Post

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Carly’s Killer Christmas Workout

For the first time ever, this Christmas I was looking forward to being healthy. Yes, really. Some of you might know already that this year has been massive for me in terms of fitness, and I love that feeling of being in control of my body so much that I was keen to keep up momentum through the festive period. So when I saw that Carly Rowena was hosting a Killer Christmas Workout on the run-up to Christmas, I just knew it would be the perfect way to start the season right. View Full Post

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