Review: CastlePak Backpack

Review: CastlePak Backpack

I arrived a little late to the whole backpack trend. As with trainers, I just felt a little bit too casual when I swapped my usual pretty handbags for a backpack, even though my poor right shoulder could have done with a break from single-handedly carrying all my stuff around. But, as with trainers, I discovered this month that if you find the right product, it’s easy to embrace the trend and incorporate a backpack into your wardrobe. 


When we booked our holiday, we picked somewhere that was a little walk away from town, as I knew I’d be needing a little bit of exercise after all those prosecco breakfasts. So when the lovely people at CastlePak offered me the chance to try one of their backpacks on my trip, I jumped at the chance – I’d be able to carry around all my beachwear and suncream (and tinto de verano) wherever I ended up walking to, and still have my hands free for taking photos.


I went for their Vintage Canvas Backpack in Coffee – I figured brown would go best with my holiday wardrobe and I fell instantly in love with the leather straps. I was really impressed with the quality of it when it arrived – the canvas is really thick and durable, and the straps are beautifully soft. I also really love the fact that the buckles actually conceal a magnetic closure. Doing and undoing those bad boys every time you need something would have taken up a lot of the holiday!


The next day we headed on a walking tour of Estepona (have you seen my guide?) and the bag really came into its own. It was super-comfy, plenty roomy and bang on-trend, complementing my tassels perfectly. Jon even shouldered it for a while through the Old Town and loved it – I think I might have to keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn’t migrate into his closet!

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Overall I was blown away by how fab this backpack was, and since I’ve been back in the UK, I’ve kept right on using it as we head into Autumn. It’s the perfect mix of function and fashion, wrapped up into one easy-to-wear package that’s easy on the purse strings. If you head over to the CastlePak website, you can check out their full range – I’m also lusting after the all-leather version for LFW and a stripy number for Spring!

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