Review: Brooks Country House Hotel

I’ve decided that the end of summer is the perfect time to go on holiday. You’ve made the most of any British summer sun (this year was particularly good to us), missed the school holiday crush and had the chance to grab some summer holiday essentials in the sales. This year, we planned a whole week of holiyay fun (see my post on Estepona to find out what we got up to in the latter part of the week), kicking things off with a visit to check out Brooks Country House Hotel. View Full Post

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Review: CastlePak Backpack

I arrived a little late to the whole backpack trend. As with trainers, I just felt a little bit too casual when I swapped my usual pretty handbags for a backpack, even though my poor right shoulder could have done with a break from single-handedly carrying all my stuff around. But, as with trainers, I discovered this month that if you find the right product, it’s easy to embrace the trend and incorporate a backpack into your wardrobe.  View Full Post

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