LCM SS17: Tiger of Sweden

LCM SS17: Tiger of Sweden

As the lights went down in the for Tiger of Sweden‘s SS17 catwalk at Ambika P3, the air was thick with anticipation. Classical music filled the room as the outline of a baroque house appeared in lurid lime, before giving way to nineties garage as the first model appeared through the arch doorway.


As the house broke down into neon shapes, Tiger deconstructed the baroque opulence that served as the first point of inspiration for this collection, adding intricate floral prints into classic black and camel wardrobe elements – think half-and-half jackets, ostentatious tops paired with simple trousers and print trims and hoods.


A brand that is steeped in its own extensive heritage, it is no wonder that Tiger of Sweden have delved into 17th century architecture to inform this season’s collection. Taking influence from the transformation of Sweden’s royal palace at the time from flourishing decadence to minimalist restraint, the collection continued on its journey, moving from metallic monochrome to subtle sartorial, all reimagined into the brand’s modern aesthetic.

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Leg lengths were shorter and wider, materials turned from traditional to performance and shoulders were cut away into modern tanks that could be layered over anything from bare skin to crisp white shirts. Head and arm bands touting ‘Third Culture Kids’ contrasted with classical features, and super-white sneakers cemented the traditional contemporary vibe.

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The last tailcoat of the collection whipped around the corner of the arched doorway, the house (now reconstructed) turned an on-trend chartreuse and the models filed back onto the catwalk for their final walk.


Seeing the collection separately had allowed us to appreciate each of its elements individually, but suddenly seeing it in front of us all together, it became possible to appraise it as a whole. Much like Sweden’s vibrant history, the designs came together to form a truly cohesive expression of style and influence, despite their contrasts. As the show ended, the room buzzing – the excited anticipation had paid off. And after all, if this is Tiger’s exploration of the past, there can only be good things coming in the future.

Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Eloise Peachey | Fashion Week Photographer |

Written originally for: WJ London