Twelve book challenge: January


IMG_2869I am a big fan of making resolutions. Last year alone I made about 30 (I know, I might be insane). Most of my friends where horrified at the thought, saying how hard it is to keep one, let alone 30, but I prefer it this way. It allows me to spread them out, taking me through the year, rather than focussing on one and giving up on it by the end of January. If I don’t quite manage something this month, maybe I’ll get to do it next month.

That being said, there is one resolution that I can’t put off to next month; my twelve book challenge. As I’ve heard so many twenty-somethings say, university pretty much killed my love of books. Or rather, my love of reading – I still collect books like they’re going out of fashion. I’ve tried to get reading again a few times since, but was hard to get into a regular routine, especially when work was stressful or when I was knitting all of my Christmas presents (or when Breaking Bad was just too darn good to stop watching and pick up a book). So, this year, I’ve set myself the task to read a new book each month, in the hope that it will reignite my passion for literature.

IMG_2870I have to admit, I did ease myself into it with this month’s book. I spotted it in Tiger (how amazing is that shop?! I go at least once a week) and just knew it would be the perfect way to get started, as it wasn’t too long (read: thinner than a magazine) and it was about Denmark (I’m massively obsessed at the minute). The stories are short but quite thought provoking, and the illustrations are just beautiful, courtesy of the talented Mads Stage.

IMG_2871If you see a copy, I’d definitely recommend picking it up for a quick trip into Danish lore. As for me, I’ve ticked off my first month of the challenge and can’t wait for February. And I promise that the next one will be a little longer!