Beauty Review: Sóley Organics


At the Blogger’s Hangout LFW Beauty Bar, I was rather intrigued by a steady line of bloggers who were approaching a stand and walking away tucking little pots into their bags. I went to investigate, and found out that the two girls were from Sóley Organics, an Icelandic beauty company.

The company was founded on a healing balm recipe that made its way down through the generations, until it reached actress Sóley Elíasdóttir. She decided to build on the idea of using native Icelandic herbs to heal and rejuvenate, and so started to create other products, harvesting wild ingredients from the highlands herself.

I have to say, I was rather charmed by the just-been-picked Icelandic chic of the company, imagining clear blue fjords and rugged heather, so I was excited to try the products.


I started with the product that started it all off; GRÆÐIR. It was thick and a little greasy (in a good way!), sinking into my skin quickly and making it soft to the touch. I think it will be perfect for chapped hands in the approaching winter (let’s face it, if it can stave off Spanish flu as the stories tell, I’m sure it can handle the English weather). It smelt amazing, definitely super-fresh and had a curious green tint to it that I loved.

I also tried the eyGLÓ, which is a moisturiser that is supposed to restore your natural glow with a mix of Evening Primrose and natural Icelandic herbs. Again, it looked and smelt amazing, and absorbed nicely into my skin, feeling like I’d really indulged my face. I thought it would be a little too thin for my skin as I need a heavy moisturiser, but it clung on in there after I’d rubbed it in and the next morning, my face certainly felt more luminous.

I’ll need to try it out a little more to see if the eyGLÓ will stand the test of time in my beauty routine, but I’d definitely recommend trying the Sóley Organics range, especially if you favour organic products.