Beauty review: Pink Parcel

During Fashion Week I attended my first Blogger’s Hangout event, at Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch.

It was a great evening, there was so many other lovely bloggers there and lots of brands to meet and also get some samples from!

My favourite item was a Pink Parcel. The idea behind it is to give us ladies a little boost at that time of the month, by sending us a little parcel through the post with some necessities, and some lovely extras.

Everything in the parcel is packaged in adorable boxes, labelled as to what it’s for, so you know where to find it when you want it! The bag that the lady products came in was so cute that I’ve started using it in my bag now, making feminine hygiene products just a little bit more chic and avoiding the awkward accidentally-pulling-tampons-out-of-your-bag moments.


I particularly loved the ‘for you’ box, as there were so many treats inside. My faves were the bandzee headbands, which I’ve started using for morning runs to keep my hair kink-free, and a gorgeous delicate arrow necklace from This Material Culture, who have a website full of beautiful things.


I don’t know if I would need a Pink Parcel every month as there’s so much inside it, but it’s a nice idea to do it for a few months and save up some of the treats to get out every month for the rest of the year.

Thanks again to the Blogger’s Hangout for hosting the party, and Pink Parcel for giving me a box to try! You can find out more and sign  up for your own box on their website.