Mendip Snow Sport Centre


During the Christmas holidays we booked a ski holiday (SO exciting!), so decided it would be a good idea to go and get some practice in before we got back out onto the snow.

After a quick Google search, we plumped for the Mendip Snowsport Centre. Being just a few miles beyond Bristol airport, it was easy enough to get to and we had heard that Jenny Jones began her training there – if it’s good enough for an Olympic snowboarder, it’s definitely good enough for us.

We went at about 4pm on a Friday, expecting it to be quite busy with the school holidays, but it was surprisingly peaceful – just us, a couple of families and a speed skier, flying down the slope in a matter of seconds.


An hour and a half cost £17, and that covered our ski and boot hire too. A word for the wise, bring thick socks and a pair of gloves to make sure you can ski in comfort.

The slope itself isn’t huge, but it has a couple of lifts to varying heights, some moguls and a few jumps if you’re feeling adventurous. I was happy just trying to remember how to do parallel turns, but Jon was , of course, soon moguling and jumping around, getting me to film him. The dry slope was definitely much harder to ski on than actual snow, but it was easier to control your speed on if you’re just getting back on your skiing legs.

The best part of the experience (other than the fact that I didn’t fall over) was seeing the sun set over Bristol – every time we got back up to the top, the view was slightly different as the light faded.


The centre offers instruction for beginner skiers, as well as a whole range of other sports and activities  – check our their website for more information.