Christmas in Bristol: Clifton on Ice

IMG_4478Although I recently celebrated my 5th year of living in Bristol, this is my first year of actually spending Christmas in our fair city – and actually having the time to enjoy it. So I’ve decided to write a mini-series of all the Christmassy things I’m getting up to in December, to provide some festive inspiration.

First up: Clifton on Ice.

On the first week in December we decided to kick things off with a Christmas date night, so we headed up to Clifton for a spot of skating.

Previously 1960s retail units, now waiting to be torn down, 2-16 Clifton Down Road has been transformed into a winter wonderland for the festive season this year, complete with fairy lights, log fires and even an Alpine Bar from the lovely people at Beerd brewery.


As it was  Monday night, the rink was relatively quiet; within a few minutes we’d donned our blue rental skates and were gliding around, admiring the quietly charming backdrop of the Clifton architecture. Although the site isn’t massive, there was plenty of space for everyone and even a covered, fairy-lit loop to venture into (if you’re good enough at skating to turn corners – it took me a while to get there!).


Although an hour doesn’t sound long, it was the perfect session length – we were more than ready to warm up in the bar with some food and a drink. Unfortunately as we were the last session of the evening, we couldn’t drink alcohol due to their license, so we hopped over to The Hophouse.

As we turned our boots towards home to decorate the tree, we both agreed that Clifton on Ice was the perfect way to get into the festive spirit, especially on a cold evening.

As the future of the buildings where it was housed is still unsure, I’m not yet sure if the rink will return next year – but I’m desperately hoping that it does!