@the well

One weekend in November, there was an unfortunate incident involving our housemate’s shoes, our washing machine and one very misshapen drum.

We dashed to Currys to order a new machine, but  the damage was done; we would have to wash our clothes at the laundrette for a few weeks. Memories of sitting on the hard plastic benches, watching an industrial machine eat your money whilst never properly washing your loads flooded back from my student days, filling me with dread.

But just as I was pondering how to knit some clean jumpers from my fake moustache hair (I was in the middle of my Movember challenge), I remembered the small, yellow-fronted shopfront that I walk past every day on my commute; @the well.


One Sunday morning, Jon and I skipped down the road (actually it was more of a hobble, carrying two huge loads of washing, powder and fabric conditioner, but skipping felt more suited to our mood) to @the well, hoping it wouldn’t be too busy.

We were lucky; within a few minutes, we’d paid for our washing machines (which, incidentally, were very good at washing) and our clothes were swishing around whilst we perused the menu.

We both had variations on pain perdu, which was an excellent laundry brunch choice; mine was accompanied by a Butterbeer latte (oh yes, that’s right) while Jon enjoyed one of their varied selection of delicious coffees.

I was incredibly excited about the Butterbeer latte

I was incredibly excited about the Butterbeer latte

An hour later, we left feeling sated and carrying our lovely clean clothes, ready to go out on the line back at home. Somehow, @the well have managed to upcycle a usually mundane and , quite frankly, annoying task into nothing more than a spot of brunch, at no extra cost to our wallets or watches.

You can find out more about @the well on their website; other than just the machines, they offer advice, service washes, Internet access and a printer. They also have evening events with Live at the Laundrette – I’m hoping to check one out soon and report back.