Movember – Day 1

After years of moaning about the fact that I couldn’t grow a moustache for Movember, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands for Movember 2014. I will be wearing a fake moustache for the entirety of November (aside from when I’m asleep), to raise money for the Movember Foundation.

My first faux mo day was fairly…interesting, to say the least! I got up bright and early and put on my first faux mo (a standard black moustache, start the challenge off with a classic) and walked into the kitchen to face my family’s response. After a lot of chuckling, a vigorous sniffing from the puppy and some concerned looks from my step-niece, the day was off to a flying start, and everyone sort of forgot that I was wearing the mo (except me; somehow I forgot how tickly and itchy a fake moustache can be). We even went on a long dog walk which passed without incident; a few weird looks passed my way but nobody seemed very bothered.

My first mo

My first mo

Fast forward to when we popped into the Tesco Extra at Beckenham on our way to a surprise party for my Dad. I’d changed to a light brown mo (to match my tan accessories for the evening), which, incidentally, also matched my hair colour. Tesco was packed, giving me plenty of different reactions to observe; so far, I’ve counted three:

  • The Starers: those who aren’t really sure why I am wearing the mo/ are wondering whether it’s an unfortunate medical condition;
  • The Laughers: people who pretend not to notice and then burst into laughter as soon as they walk past;
  • The Impervious: I get a glance, maybe even a second glance and that’s it. No facial expression, no laughter, just carrying on with whatever they were doing beforehand.

My favourite are definitely The Laughers, although The Impervious are also excellent for comedic value. My boyfriend, who was walking a little behind me (unsurprisingly), really enjoyed watching the whole experience!

The reaction I had when we arrived at the party was also pretty good; a few of my family members definitely didn’t really understand why I was wearing a moustache (and I’m sure some of them thought it was actually my facial hair, as it toned so well with my hair colour), but everyone was very supportive and I even forgot I was wearing the tache. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well the faux mos were staying on my face!  My tache now rivals Jon's...words I never thought I'd say

My tache now rivals Jon’s…words I never thought I’d say

By midnight, I was ready to take the mo off and head to bed, but I was happy with how the first day had gone. It had been hard dealing with the new-found furry object attached to my face, and a little embarrassing at Tesco, but I had managed to get through it and keep the tache on for the whole day, which gave me hope that I will be able to get through the whole month.